Monthly Archives: June 2008

Seiko Chronograph

Seiko alarm chronograph watch model SNA767P, square face, stainless steel construction and 100M water resistanceOn the same trip to Brisbane when I  overcame temptation, I put a new Seiko chronograph watch on lay by.

This Seiko watch is part of their Conceptual series, though you’ll have a hard time finding information about them on the Seiko web site. As an aside, having to stumble around their site to find information it really does drive home how important having a quality web site that is up to date with product information is. In the end, the only way I could find information about it was going through the advanced search page and applying the appropriate number of filters to whittle the results down.

As you’d expect, It comes with the standard set of features:

  • water resistant to 100m
  • date
  • 1/5s high precision stop watch
  • alarm

An alarm isn’t a revolutionary feature on its own, however it isn’t something that you normally see on an analogue watch. I don’t expect it is something I’ll use all that often, I use my mobile phone as my alarm clock but in the off chance I don’t have that with me – it might prove useful at some point.

I think it is a pretty snazzy looking watch myself, what do you think?

Super Shiny Sparkles

White gold wedding rings on a wood tableIn 2005 when Claire and I were married, everything was shiny new – including our wedding rings. Over the last couple years, our wedding rings have become increasingly dull compared to their former glory.

While in Brisbane today, Claire dropped them in to get re-plated. I guess I’d become used to their appearance as they were, because when I put my wedding ring back on today – I couldn’t believe the luster the gold had after being re-plated, buffed and polished.

While the refreshed wedding bands really do shine now, they don’t compare against the diamonds in Claire’s engagement ring. As with the dull appearance of the gold, despite Claire cleaning the diamonds periodically – it appears that they were still very dirty. After coming back from the jeweler, the diamonds absolutely glisten! I’ll have to get a photo, just as a reminder so we don’t wait so long between getting our wedding rings serviced.

Housekeeping, Part 1

Friday evening I mentioned that I was going to perform some housekeeping on my site which was well overdue.

I had expected that it would only take an hour or two, however I significantly underestimated the number of posts and the time required per post to remove the unneeded categories and tag them appropriately. In the end, it took so long that I couldn’t complete it all on Friday night and I’ve had several smaller sessions over the course of the weekend to complete it.

While a little time consuming, the results are quite promising – I’ve gone from 50 categories down to 27 and I may whittle that down further yet.


When I upgraded WordPress in February, I mentioned that I’d do a little housekeeping. The housekeeping in this instance was related to the original category functionality and the newly added tagging feature.

It took a little longer than expected for that to happen, so I’ve set aside an hour or two tonight to work on it. I think in the first pass through, I’m going to focus on collapsing down the current category list and in a second pass add in tags describing the content more richly.