Lead Me Not Into Temptation

While at the Garden City Shopping Centre in Brisbane today, I ventured into a Borders book store and it was a treat.

The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the store was that it was big, much bigger than most of the other book stores I’ve been in. As it turns out, the further I walked into the store – the more of the store became visible and it was much larger than I had initially thought. Next up the store was very clean, wasn’t cramped within the isles and was well organised. Did I mention that they had a coffee shop inside the book store; I had to indulge.

After getting a large, double shot espresso I promptly found my way into the computer section. While it wasn’t the euphoric event that is the technical book store in the Brisbane CBD, there were a hell of a lot of technical books in the section and they were quality books – not the standard ‘learn x in y days’ crap that most book stores stock.

I felt I showed great restraint not to pick up at least one of the following for some light reading:

3 thoughts on “Lead Me Not Into Temptation

  1. By “technical book store in the Brisbane CBD” do you mean McGills? I am yet to find a book store that rivals McGills for sheer volume of quality computer related literature.

    Have you seen the borders just up the street opposite the Myer centre? I believe that it is a fair size larger the the Garden City one. It’s 3 leves if memory serves me correctly.

  2. Jacob,

    I’ve been into both of those book shops, the three story one is so completely awesome I feel compelled to pitch a tent in there for a week.

    It was McGills that I was referring to, its not as big as the three floor monster but gee they have some great quality books in there too.


  3. I know they do. I was a frequent visitor there back in the day when Stacey worked there. I regularly took advantage of her staff discount :)

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