Remembering 8 Seconds Of Titanic Proportion


April 25 is ANZAC Day in Australia and its a time to remember the Australian & New Zealand armed forces who fought to provide the citizens of our great counties the freedom we enjoy every day. Last week when Claire and I talked about it, we wanted to attend the dawn service at Currumbin but that didn’t pan out this year for health reasons. Even without our contribution to any of the dawn services, the Gold Coast saw record attendances right across the coast, which I personally think is excellent. Hopefully we can make it to next years dawn service at Currumbin.

8 Seconds

This weekend we ventured out to Somerset Dam, near Kilcoy for my oldest brothers’ 40th birthday bash. It was a great day and we were blessed by absolutely beautiful weather. Cameron & Phil brought their new jet ski’s with them which was a blast. The 8 seconds I’m referring to was what it felt like when I very very nearly got bucked off the back of the jet ski as it bit in hard during a fast, tight turn.


Sunday afternoon I attended the Gold Coast Titans versus New Zealand Warrior’s NRL match at the new Skilled Stadium at Robina on the Gold Coast. I was accompanied by a couple of work colleagues, other halves & two consultants from Germany.

It was going to be a true test about the mixed reports regarding the accessibility of the stadium, as there are no facilities to park a car should you want to drive. Instead, you are encouraged to take advantage of the free public transport to and from the game.

Brendan, Lin & I left the Helensvale Train Station at about 1.30PM and were able to get a seat on no problem, arriving about 15 minutes later. It’s a short walk of about 10 minutes amongst other fans from the Robina Train Station to Skilled Stadium. Heading home took a little bit longer, as we had to wait in line for the next train but we would have only waited 10-15 minutes and we were sitting in an air conditioned train again. As far as I’m concerned, the public transport aspect of getting in and out of Skilled Stadium is fine – especially considering that if you have a game ticket you can ride for free!

More importantly though, the Titans got up over the Warriors 36-24; look out grand final – here we come!