Phantom Of The Opera

This evening I was fortunate enough to see the world acclaimed Phantom Of The Opera at the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane.

I say fortunate, as I some how managed to receive a ticket on the back of a birthday present for Claire from her parents this month. It was pretty awesome actually, as Lucy and Michael wanted to go and see it another time so there were four excellent seats beside one another. Claire and Lucy had seen Phantom Of The Opera three times prior, Michael had seen it once before recently, while this was my first experience.

I don’t know how to describe it accurately enough to do it justice, other than to say that the detail in the set was incredible, the costumes are great and Anthony Warlow has a truly magnificent voice. The female lead for Christine was played by Ana Marina, who I thought had an excellent voice. There is a schene toward the start of the first act, where The Phantom is yelling at Christine to sing for him; it gave me goose bumps!

The show is only on until the 27th April 2008 in Brisbane, so if you can still get tickets to it – I would highly recommend it.