Monthly Archives: January 2008


In May, I realised that over the course of the last few years some of my so called geek status might have been fading, as I lamented that I hadn’t taken the side panel off my computer for over 2 years. Over the last fortnight, I can confirm that I have been quietly re-estabilshing my geek-fu with the following hardware acquisitions:

  • Intel Core 2 3.0Ghz CPU
  • Asus P5E Motherboard
  • Asus GF8800GT 512MB
  • Corsair TWIN2X2048 8500C5D 2GB
  • Western Digital 74G SATA Raptor 10000 rpm HDD (16Mb Cache)
  • Western Digital 500G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD (16Mb Cache)
  • Liteon 20x DVD Dual Layer DVD+/-R SATA
  • CoolerMaster Real Power 550W Extreme

At the same time, I have installed Windows Vista Business, which was a pretty seamless exercise. After using it for the last fortnight, Windows Vista is certainly a visual upgrade from Windows XP Professional however there are a few things that keep getting in my road. Once I’ve fixed those and the Vista driver problems I’ve been having, I’ll reevaluate whether it is worth downgrading to Windows XP Professional.

Besides those few little problems I’ve had with Vista and driver support, the new computer components sure do hammer. I’ve been playing Counter Strike:Source, Team Fortress 2 and a few other games with the highest settings I can manage and it isn’t missing a beat.

For those that are interested, the Vista performance information for that above hardware is:

  • Processor, 5.6
  • Memory, 5.9
  • Graphics, 5.9
  • Gaming Graphics, 5.9
  • Primary Hard Disk, 5.9

I chuckled when my slowest component was my 3.0Ghz CPU!


Last weekend, our refridgerator started showing a warning signal that something wasn’t quite right and by midweek it had decided it was a good time to stop refridgerating.

When it stopped cooling properly, I opened up the phone book and started calling around to service people to come and fix the fridge. I naively thought that it’d be a simple process and someone would be out that same day, it turns out that wasn’t the case. After calling 15-20 different businesses, the standard responses were that they didn’t service Fisher & Paykel fridges or they were too busy.

Of the ones that did service Fisher & Paykel fridges, the soonest we might be able to get someone out was going to be the following Monday. Now comes the amazing part, of the ones that did performed fridge repairs on Fisher & Paykel, their fees varied from a $100 to $150 for the call out fee. Once they were on site, they billed a similar amount per hour for labor and of course parts were extra.

Apparently, refridgeration is a license to print money like plumbing.

27th Birthday

Another year has lapsed and another birthday with it! A quick synopsis of the day in question:

  • Slept in and then Claire and I puddled our way down to McDonalds for breakfast.
  • Fluffed about in the middle of the day and had to head over to the shops for a few incidentals
  • Mid afternoon, Andrew, Michael, Lucy, Emily, Anita and Oliver arrived
  • We all headed to Hogs Breath on the spit for dinner at about 6pm and Brendan & Lin met us there and we consumed plenty of fine steak
  • After dinner, we returned home to eat some birthday cake and have a few drinks

A nice relaxing day and I was even lucky enough to receive some great bootie as well:

  • Bourne Ultimatum DVD
  • The Orange Box, a collection of expansions for Half Life 2
  • A ticket to go zorbing
  • A specially brewed bottle of WK-40 tailored to kill wasps after my recent encounters
  • The Dangerous Book For Boys
  • A nice blue polo shirt
  • Movie tickets
  • Lindt chocolates

Thank you to everyone who could make it up to the coast and for the phone calls and SMS’s I received. Now I just have another three hundred and sixty something days to wait for it to happen again!