Monthly Archives: December 2007

HP Laserjet & Windows Vista Driver Support

I had heard that the driver support for Windows Vista was a little patchy in places, however I didn’t realise it was just so patchy.

I have a HP Laserjet 1010, which isn’t a new printer by anyones account and I expected that Vista would have picked it up on its own but that wasn’t the case. Some people might take the opportunity to stone Microsoft for not providing a driver out of the box but that isn’t fair in my opinion; you can’t expect them to support every device under the sun.

Off to the Hewlett Packard web site, where I wander my way into the driver download area. I plugin the model number of the printer expecting to see a nice list of drivers for Windows Vista, only to be told that they haven’t released them yet and that I should check back soon.

It could be just me, but when a company like HP don’t provide a driver for one of their staple home/small business printers for Windows Vista six months after it has been released – it isn’t coming anytime soon; in fact it may never come.

Fortunately, Microsoft provide a driver for the Laserjet 1015 which appears to be compatible. It’s lucky really because Hewlett Packard don’t provide a Windows Vista driver for the 1015 either.

Rebuilding Continued

After getting stung again by a wasp on Friday afternoon, I wasn’t able to put my new computer bits together because of the Hellboy hand. Feeling a bit like an invilid, I called Brendan to see if he was able to lend me a hand.

Putting all the new components together didn’t take very long at all and it posted successfully on the first attempt! Back in July, I mentioned that I had won a copy of Windows Vista Business, so with the new found speed it seemed like a good time to give that a go. Installing Windows Vista was absolutely pain free and surprisingly fast on the new hardware.

A day later and the only thing I’m having problems with is the driver for my Netgear WG311T PCI wifi card. Once the Netgear wireless card is physically installed, I can still boot into Windows Vista without a hitch. As soon as I install the driver for the card, everything is still working – wifi included, until I have to reboot. Upon rebooting, the machine gets into the boot process and hangs for some reason. To get back into Windows, I need to boot into safe mode and disable the device.

Not sure what I’m going to do about the Netgear driver problem but once that is done, I should have a pretty sweet rig.

I’m Beginning To Hate Wasps

Last weekend while weeding the garden, I found out with crystal clear clarity that paper wasps do not take kindly to being disturbed. Yesterday afternoon I was back in the garden and had another run in with some sort of critter. After the fact, I went back to investigate exactly what I’d been bitten/stung by to find out that it was in fact another wasp. This time however, they were black and orange/yellow instead of black and grey like last weekend. I was only stung once this time, however it really packed a punch and my left hand looks similar to what you’d see on the Hulk or Hellboy.

Paper Wasps Attack

Last weekend I needed to rid the back door of our home of some paper wasps. Not knowing of a sure fire way to safely get rid of them, I turned to a trusty bottle of Mortein. As it turns out, paper wasps really don’t enjoy getting dosed with Mortein. In fact, as soon as I sprayed the paper wasp nest – they immediately reacted by flying around furiously looking for something to lay into. Expecting that they were going to go berserk, I was able to get away without getting stung.

Today, I was weeding in the back yard and I unfortunately chanced upon another paper wasp nest in an unlikely position. Worst though, is that I had no idea it was there until I felt the crisp, sharp pain of a paper wasp stinging my thumb! Initially, I thought I’d just brushed it against something sharp and didn’t think anything of it until it happened again, at which point I could see the paper wasps swarming away from their nest. I was pretty lucky in the end, there were about a dozen paper wasps and I was only stung twice on the thumb and it didn’t swell that much. That said, its about six hours since I was stung and I still can’t bend my thumb completely pain free.

Moral of the story, only get close to live paper wasps and their nests if you’re packing a bit fat bottle of Mortein.