Simple Man

Mark Pilgrim once said that the number of keys on his keyring was a measure of the complexity of his life and that longed for the day that he no longer had a requirement to have any keys.

This week my life got a little tiny bit simpler as I removed yet another key from my keyring – I now have three to go:

  1. Front door
  2. My car
  3. Claire’s car

I know some people who have key rings that have so many keys on them that you nearly need a wheelbarrow to carry them around. I grapple with that whole concept, a little while ago I even separated my ‘must have’ keys from my ‘lesser have’ keys to keep it a little simpler but that was an effort as well. I’ve now got it down to three, which I think isn’t too bad – how many do you have on your keyring?

3 thoughts on “Simple Man

  1. Before I moved to Tennessee in 2004 I worked for a large Supermarket chain in their massive distribution center in Palm Beach. The keyring philosophy was the same within the ranks of management. When I started in frontline mngt I had about 20 keys on a ring, by the time I left I had 2. Wish it was that simple in every day life. I currently have 6. Oh well

  2. Lol – I read this post with amusement, because my key ring has 25 keys on it and I really must get round to removing some.

    In truth there are at least two I’ve forgotten what they are for, and the others I use rarely.

    I really don’t need them all ‘every’ day, but I’m frightened to take them off as I’m sure I will forget to bring them when I actually need them.

    Can you relate to that?


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