Deafening Silence

For quite some time now, one of our cars has had an annoying drumming sound coming from the back of it. We’ve had it serviced two or three times since the noise started happening and I’ve asked the mechanics to track it down and each time they’ve come up empty.

At one of the first services after the noise started, I suggested to one of the mechanics that it might have been a faulty tyre. At the time, The mechanics said that was very unlikely and I agreed but pointed out that one of my older brothers has had it happen to him; so it might have been worth a look. They looked over all of the tyres and didn’t see anything wrong and the wheels have been rotated and balanced numerous times without it being picked up as well.

Since the noise started, Claire and I have put around 40,000Km onto her car and the rear tyres have worn sufficiently to warrant replacing them without doing it prematurely. After having a new pair of Yokohama tyres fitted today, I was pleased to find that the drumming noise we’d become so accustomed is now gone.

It was so unfamiliar to drive the Mazda today without the noise. I couldn’t stop commenting to Claire today while driving around how strange and fantastic it was to have the noise gone; feels like we’ve got a new car again!