The Naked Sausage

This afternoon, Claire and I dropped by the supermarket to pick up some odds and sods for dinner and among our findings were naked sausages. You’re probably wondering what the hell a naked sausage is, well its a standard sausage without the skin on it.

The particular ones we found were by a Western Australian company named Chevups. Other than the fact that the sausages were skinless, which in itself is pretty cool – they were also:

  • made of Australian lean beef
  • gluten free
  • 92% fat free

They look a little different to normal but man were they tasty – I highly recommend trying some out if you come across them.

One thought on “The Naked Sausage

  1. Here is some useless information for you Al. Chevups are based on a traditional Serbian sausage, the Ćevapčići (in Serbia and Croatia) or Ćevapi (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia). Pronounced “she-vap-Cha”, I was introduced to these tasty and spicey little treats by a former workmate who is Croatian. If you can ever get your hands on the originals, try them as they are fricken awesome.

    For more light reading, check wikipedia –

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