Getting Your CSS Off

Toward the end of March 2006, Dustin Diaz thought that stripping all of the presentation from his web site was an excellent way of promoting web standards and CSS based design. The idea caught on and a whole swag of people participated in the first CSS Naked Day on April 5th 2006.

A year has passed and once more, web standards advocates alike around the world are stripping all of the presentation from their sites by running around butt naked without any cascading style sheets to hide their wobbly bits!

I thought about participating in the naked day this year, however I pretty much participate in it all year around so I didn’t think it would have had that much effort. If I had a graphic design bone in my body, I could have created the anti-naked day by getting my CSS on and releasing an amazing visual feast for everyone.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a visual feast for you this year – in the mean time, you should check out some cute cat photos!