Profiteering Convenience Stores

Everyone complains about the recent price of fuel. In the last 6 months, I don’t personally recall ever paying over AUD$1.50/L for it. I just went down to a convenience store in the heart of Surfers Paradise and paid AUD$3.20 for a 600ml Coke. Break that down and it works out to be a whopping AUD$5.33 per litre.

Explain to me how a 600ml Coke can possibly cost more than three times that of processing crude oil.

6 thoughts on “Profiteering Convenience Stores

  1. The difference here is marketing and need. it has very little to do with how much it costs to make, it’s all about how much people are willing to pay.

    Coke gives you a sugar and caffiene high, is really tasty and a luxury item. People enjoy buying it.

    Fuel is a integral part of many people’s lives, and as a requirment people resent paying for it. It’s kind of like a tax on getting places.

    One of the fundaments of capitalism is you end up paying the most they can possibly rorte out of you, not how much something costs to make (let alone how much it’s actually worth!)

    Plus no one needs 30 litres of coke just to get to work every week. Well, some do but they have problems of their own. ;)

  2. You make some good points Dylan, but the part that you don’t understand is that the shop that is less than 5 minutes walk from the profiteering one and closer to work only charges $2.50 for that same coke.

  3. And now that I’ve read the end of your post Dylan I will also add that today I bought 36 cans of coke for $19. This investment should last me 2 weeks before I will be again forced into such a purchase. And before you ask, yes I am the only one drinking them.

  4. In this instance, the cafe down stairs was closed – so walked straight down Cavill Avenue to the nearest Coke source.

    After I walked out with my super special $3.20 Coke, I then realised that I should have gone and seen the bargain priced guy near the Subway.

    I’ll remember that for next time.

  5. dude maybe this is just some clever ad by coke 2 make us drink more coke? Think about it…

    Im goin out 2 buy some cola, it costs abt 1$ where i m stayin at now. ahahahha

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