Poo Fairies

Today while joking around with my work colleagues, I mentioned what I thought was a well known phenomenon known as the poo fairies. I was taken aback when they burst out in laughter and asked me what it was all about.

A formal definition for the uninitiated:

Poo fairy (n):
The little fairy that enters your room at night, while you are sleeping and takes a shit in your mouth. This then causes you to wake up with what is commonly referred to as poo breath.

“Gee, I think the poo fairies visited me last night.”
“My breath smells like poo fairies have had a party in my mouth.”

Now that you have the official definition, it is your mission to spread to good word of the poo fairies as far and wide as possible!

8 thoughts on “Poo Fairies

  1. You’re wierd.

    However you do have a point, I woke with exceptionally bad breath this morning.

  2. Is the textbook definition of kitten actually poo-fairy?

    The problem, when you have a kitten, is that you can never be sure that it was the poo fairy or the kitten that has taken the dump in your mouth. Good luck with that one :)

  3. see, I’ve just always called that carpet-mouth, and not worried so much about smell, but rather the texture ;)

    I’m worthless in the morning, but even if I were not, this is why I will never understand morning-sex people.

    I mean if you’re going to get up, take a shower and use some bloody mouthwash at least, then its more like middle-of-the-day sex already.

    Gives a new definition to poo-sex.

  4. Ah but Milorad… the whole point of morning sex is not to get up and do all the morning hygene things…

    It is literally to roll over and have at it. It can make for a wonderful way to start the day :>)

  5. so this is what u call it in the morning when my breath is really bad
    its been really informative thankyou for this
    ill talk soon
    but please right me emails
    talk soon zach

  6. //Hey Al,

    I can honestly say that ‘poo fairies’ originated in the bedroom of Cam and Tina Lattimore. Cammy’s morning breath was generally a hot topic in the wee hours of the morning – needless to say – the poo fairies loved your big brother Cammy

  7. Hey Al,
    you know I was thinking of phoning in to Dr Karl last year to try and prove the theory. Let me explain- If your a triplej listener you may know of Dr karls discussions about a fartogram where someone used high-speed photography i think to photograph feacal matter being expelled during a serious fart. I then thought that we could use this technology to prove those little tinkerbell bastard fairies really do exist!!! what do you reckon???

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