Planning Or The Lack Thereof

A little while ago, I mentioned that Gold Coast City Council have been performing road works across the city and that timing is everything. I was shocked this morning to see a council worker with a jack hammer punching holes through a section of fresh road which hasn’t been in use for more than two weeks! I would have thought it logical to assemble a list of maintenance items in the area to be completed before the new road was built – apparently, they did not.

2 thoughts on “Planning Or The Lack Thereof

  1. You may find that it is not an outstanding piece of maintenance that they should have done before, but perhaps it is actually something that they were supposed to do as part of the upgrade.

    When the Brisbane City Council re-did the Coronation drive stretch between the CBD and Toowong they had a major stuff up. They basically forgot to put the *MASSIVE* 10 meter concrete drain/sewage/whatever pipes in and had to rip the newly finished road up again to do it properly.

    Needless to say the project was extremely late and over budget as a result.

  2. They weren’t digging through it with a piece of machinery, so I suspect it was pretty much surface level. It looked as though they hadn’t left space to get into all of the underground piping, so they were digging it in after; that might be their preferred method – I don’t honestly know.

    I just thought it very strange that they spend all this time to lay a new road, then immediately go and punch holes in it, which will, in time, degrade into the normal lumps and bumps.


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