Tumours Followed By Herniation

Broken Squishy Breast Stress ToyIn December, I mentioned that for my birthday, the guys at work bought me a soft breast look-a-like stress toy. Needless to say, it was a hit in the office with everyone taking every opportunity to give it a squish – even a few of the females.

As we continued to squeeze, squish and distort the breast – it appeared that there were weaker bits in the rubber. After a while, every time you squeezed it – it was distorting in the same places. As a result, when it wasn’t being squished, it now had lumps – it had tumours! Soon, we were tossing it around the office and deliberately distorting it by holding onto the base of the breast and wobbling it.

Following on from the deliberate wobbling, on Friday I enacted a Kung Foo Master – substituting the breast stress toy for traditional nunchakus. As it turns out, it stretched a little further than anticipated and as it swung over my shoulder and into my back – it burst! Needless to say, the contents of the stress toy went everywhere. Thankfully, it was filled with a slightly silicone based water and it dried and/or cleaned up easily.

3 thoughts on “Tumours Followed By Herniation

  1. Didn’t they do something similar to pamila anderson a few years back?

    I can only hope the surgeon didn’t come from the ‘enacting a kung foo substituting the breast for traditional nunchakus’ school of surgery ;)

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