An Engagement Party

Well it took us about 6 months, but it finally happened. On Saturday 29th January, we had our engagement party at the Avanti Cafe in Brisbane.

We had the choice of a couple different types of meals, so we ended up selecting a combination which consisted of:

A trio of Italian Dips served with fresh focaccia, garlic pita and crispy lavosh bread.


  1. Spaghetti Bolognese: Rich authentic meat sauce
  2. Penne Ai Funghi: Fresh button mushroom, garlic, onion, white wine and a dash of cream.

An choice of Brisbane’s best N.Y. Baked Cheesecake or Rich Double Chocolate Mudcake served with cream and strawberry garnish.

When the food was bought out, I thought there was honestly not going to be enough to go around. Ohh how wrong I was! By the time everyone had finished eating, there were two or three platters that were barely touched; which equates to a whole lot of food.

The night went off pretty smoothly I think, however we did have a hickup upon arrival with the power in our area. Apparently something had happened that required Ergon/Energex to come to the restaurant and repair it. For our apparent inconvenience, we were given a couple bottles of wine. It was fine really, we were drinking regardless, but the gesture was nice.

The party was just close friends really, so about 20-25 of us turned up. If I had of had more time and such things, I would have invited some more friends. A little bit of a shame, but they are hopefully coming to the wedding; so that is ok.

Well, next on the agenda will be a wedding; the clock is ticking for the 24th September 2005!