Hicksdesign Style Archives

Jon Hicks is renowned for making things look pretty. I thought he had a pretty creative way of displaying his post archive pages, so I wrote a simple plugin for WordPress to emulate that same design.

Subtraction Style Archives

Khoi Vinh is a talented designer who works for the New York Times newspaper and has a great looking website. Imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, so I wrote a plugin for WordPress to do the same.

Kottke Style Archives

If you don’t know who Jason Kottke is, then you should acquaint yourself with his web site and writing style. Jason has been blogging since before blogging was cool and as such has amassed a phenomenal volume of content on his site which presents him with a tough challenge for presenting his archive pages. I wrote a WordPress plugin to do the same, as there are now a lot of bloggers using the WordPress platform with the same problem.