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Multicopter Drone Racing

It was only a matter of time before someone worked out how to turn a multicopter such as a quadrotor radio controlled helicopter into a game and it looks like it’d be incredible fun.

From what I can see, they’ve got small video cameras attached to the top of the quadcopters to allow the pilots to see where they are going. That video footage is being streamed in real time back to the quadcopter’s pilot using wireless networking via a wifi transmitter that they’ve setup in the forest. I love the bright coloured lights that at the rear of the quadcopter’s so they can be easily seen by the other pilots.

I’m pretty sure they are all Star Wars fans, it harks back to the forest speeder bike scene!

Danny MacAskill – The Ridge

Danny MacAskill is at it again with his famous mountain biking skills. This installment sees Danny return to his home of The Isle of Skye in Scotland, attempting to climb his mountain bike over the arid, rocky and treacherous terrain of Cuillin Ridgeline. The videography through the film is breathtaking and it really show cases what a spectacular part of the world Scotland is. If the below peaks your interest and you’d like to see some more, I’ve published a few other Danny MacAskill videos in the past as well – also well worth your time to watch!


YouTube really is an amazing service, as you view a video it begins to surface other videos that you might like to watch. Today I stumbled onto the below video of Denis Teullet practicing and having fun on his BMX at various competition and leisure tracks. The balance he displays while pumping through the whoops going full speed or even slowly is impressive, especially when he continues his rear wheel balancing act through the berm and then into and through the next set of whoops.

Jet Powered Water Sports

A few years ago now JetLev made waves around the world when they built a jet pack you could wear, powered by a jet ski and massive jets of water capable of propelling someone 10 metres into the air for a world of fun.

Engineering on jet powered personal water sport devices has come quite a way since then, now instead of needing to buy the entire product (jet ski and jet pack), you can just buy the jet pack and attach it to any normal jet ski – reducing the price from over $50,000 to under $10,000!

Now new water jet powered sports devices are starting to hit the market, two I’ve seen recently are by Zapata Racing. The first video below shows the Flyboard, which looks like a set of rigid boots with a jet of water under each one that allowed a lot more freedom and maneuverability than the original jet pack style devices by JetLev.

Recently the next stage of development by Zapata Racing has hit the water and they’ve built a jet ski powered hoverboard, which has a single jet at the back of the wakeboard and it produces some spectacular looking fun!

What will the next invention in this space look like?