Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hugo Performs Vanishing Coin Magic Trick

Recently Hugo walked up to me with a single gold coin in his hand and told me that he could perform a magic trick! Intrigued by the prospect of a five year old performing magic, I grabbed my phone to capture it on video and I was amazed at how well he did.

I’m not sure what is going on with the background of the video being all bendy but it definitely adds a whole new psychedelic aspect to the performance!

Downhill Skateboarding

I came across this short but fantastic video of a bloke named Liam Morgan tearing down a steep hill in an urban area on his skateboard. What is great about the video is that it is raw, no cuts, no edits, no fancy camera work or angles – just Liam shredding down the hill au naturel on his skateboard.

Pay particular attention to how fast he is going in different sections of the hill and how often he is sliding on his skateboard, not just the big power slides he does but just trying to navigate through turns his skateboard is sliding all on its own.

Remember, don’t do this at home kids – Liam Morgan is a trained professional. These sorts of disclaimers usually include a comment about the stunts being performed in a controlled environment, well that one doesn’t apply this time!

The video is by a skateboard accessories company named Blood Orange and I think Liam is wearing their gloves, using their grip tape on his skateboard deck and might also be using their wheels as well.

Movember 2013

Movember is a great initiative to increase community awareness for men’s health issues, whether it physical or mental and that when men are living with some sort of a health issue that they are treated the same way that women are – with care and compassion.

Alistair Lattimore - Movember Concept

Each year at Mantra Group a number of my work colleagues grow a mustache in support of Movember and in the last nine years, for whatever reason I’ve never participated. This year is the year of change and I’ve joined our head office team and am attempting to grow a superb Mo by the end of the month.

There is a catch though, my Mo is a little scared and is only willing to brave the worlds criticism if he is supported through donations to help research and community initiatives through the Movember foundation.

Donate Now!

Click the Donate Now! link above and while its loading, get your wallet out and have your credit card ready. When my Movember page loads, click the Donate To Me button below my photo – I’m confident that the larger your donation, the more awesome my Mo will be, so be generous!