Monthly Archives: December 2011

31st Birthday

Wholly schmolly, I’m now officially 31!

My birthday started with with Claire, Hugo & Evie greeting me in bed. Hugo ran into the room and wished me happy birthday for the first time, which is more than a little bit special.

Claire found some beautiful paper and ribbon to wrap my presents in, it was a shame to unwrap them really but you’re forced¬†to on your birthday – hehe. I was incredibly spoiled for presents from the family this year & received:

  • a brown denim pair of shorts & a pair of nice shirts
  • Steve Jobs biography
  • Mission Impossible 3 & The Social Network on DVD
  • Lindt chocolates
  • iPhone dock

After presents it seemed reasonable to bring our weekend ritual of McDonald’s for breakfast forward a day, which while Hugo doesn’t understand days of the week yet – he was more than happy about.

Unlike virtually every other year, we broke tradition and didn’t visit Hogs Breath Cafe for lunch and instead made our way down to a new, local cafe called Luv-A-Coffee not to far from our place. Sterle, Lorraine & Jean joined us for lunch which was great, especially since Sterle was feeling under the weather. I’d only been there once before for morning tea but the coffee & cake was delicious. Lunch certainly didn’t disappoint, I had a ‘small’ serving of spaghetti bolognaise and it was more than I needed for lunch.

After lunch we rolled our way back to our place, enjoyed a chocolate cake that Claire made and Hugo decorated with purple sprinkles & fire fighting candles to top if off. The cake was really nice, Hugo & Evie certainly enjoyed it yesterday and today.

For the afternoon we stayed at home, watched Robots on DVD which is one of Hugo’s favourites at the moment and mucked around at home. Late last night I ventured out to the movies with Shea to see Tower Heist featuring Eddie Murphy & Ben Stiller which was a good watch.

A quick thank you to all my family, extended family & work colleagues for calling or sending me an SMS and also to everyone that dropped me a line on instant messenger and facebook as well – well wishes on your birthday are fantastic.

Onward and upward, 32 next year!

Hugo: "I Did A Big Wee"

A few months ago Claire and I thought we’d begin the toilet training process with Hugo. At the time, he was quite interested in it but despite our best efforts and Hugo generally wanting to participate in the whole exercise, we didn’t make it very far.

After putting toilet training on the back burner for a couple of months, this week Claire thought she’d give it another go and see how Hugo responded this time around. Off with the nappy, on with his tiny undies and the toddler toilet training had begun.

We have a potty downstairs and a little ladder with a smaller seat attached upstairs. I was thinking if he was going to make any progress early on, it’d be on the potty. To my surprise however, Hugo has taken to the normal toilet with his ladder really well.

During the week I got a call from Claire, where she was so excited she nearly jumped down the phone line to tell me that Hugo had just done his first wee on the toilet. ¬†Claire gave the phone to Hugo and he proceeded to tell me that he’d done a “big wee” several times.

Today Hugo has been without his nappy and in his underwear virtually all day, in which time we’ve had two big wee’s on the toilet. We tried to persuade Hugo that maybe he should think about doing a poo as well but that was a bit much at this stage.

I’m so excited about the whole thing really, our little boy is growing up.