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Evie 1st Birthday Party, Ladybugs Abound

Evie Lattimore, Opening 1st Birthday PresentsYesterday we celebrated Evie’s first birthday with a bit of a do at our place, it kicked off at 10AM and we closed up shop around 1:30PM when the candle was well and truly burned down with most of the little people in attendance.

Claire decided that a ladybug themed party ought to do the trick and set about creating a whole swag of items to boot, starting with cute handmade ladybug invitations, leaf garlands featuring tiny ladybugs, a not to scale ladybug cake and much more – very cute!

In attendance we had:

  • Andrew, Belinda & Ben
  • Anita
  • David & Karen
  • Emily, Will, Oliver & Milla
  • Lorraine & Sterle
  • Lucy & Michael
  • Nigel, Trudy & Noah
  • Phil, Tammi & Grace

Evie Lattimre, 1st-Birthday Ladybird CakeEveryone spoiled Evie beyond belief with some of the most gorgeous presents getting around. We’ve been really lucky actually, only the other day Claire and I commented to one another that Evie doesn’t really have that many purely girly toys. After her 1st birthday, that has changed with some beautifully unique looking dolls, knitted toys and much more.

Evie Lattimore, 1st Birthday Take Home Children's GiftsThe boys had a great time playing together and between them managed to pretty much disassemble the play area in the living room and all of the toys. Suffice to say, it looked like they’d had fun! Watching Milla & Noah toddle off around the house was great, little people have such cute walking styles! It was nice to catch up with everyone, however briefly and have a quick chat. I think we need to find a way to do it more regularly that doesn’t revolve around a birthday, they don’t come frequently enough.

Evie 1st Birthday Party FoodThank you to everyone that was able to make it today, Claire & I really appreciate it and realise that you all needed to drive a distance to make it. A special thank you to Phil & Tammi for attending, they brought baby Grace along for her first birthday party and she is only a tiny we dot of a girl and around 10 weeks old.

Next up, a whopping second birthday this time next year. If we end up going down to the park again like we did for Hugo’s second birthday, we’re bound to have a great time again.

Evie, 1 Year Old & Gorgeous

Evie Lattimore, 1 year old sitting on floor sucking her thumbTime sure flies when you’re having fun, it is hard to believe that Evie Charlotte Lattimore has reached her second major milestone – turning 1 year old!

The last year has been amazing with Evie in our lives, Claire & I have certainly been blessed. When Hugo was born, Claire & I couldn’t believe how lucky we were that Hugo was a good baby and figured our luck would run out on our next one for sure. As it turned out, I think Evie is even more relaxed than Hugo was and just goes a long to get along. We break her routine and schedule regularly and she doesn’t mind, misses a morning sleep semi-regularly and doesn’t seem to care too much and from time to time will even miss an afternoon sleep as well for special occasions and just keeps on trucking.

Evie Lattimore Laughing Her Head OffEvie has been a great sleeper, just like Hugo was – in fact I think better as she tolerates even more noise around the house and it doesn’t unsettle her. We followed the same basic strategy from Tizzie Halls amazing Save Our Sleep book again and it all just clicked. We pop Evie down for her naps, put her music on and give her a favourite bunny and usually within a few minutes she has self settled & is sound asleep – fantastic!

One thing that Evie has dropped the ball on compared to Hugo has been her movement, the concept of crawling for Evie just seems foreign. We’d been told by countless friends that girls do all of that much sooner than boys do, so we were expecting to have Evie crawling around feverishly from 6 months but it didn’t happen. We’ve now just passed the 1 year old mark and she is a proficient bottom scooter but refuses to crawl. In the last week or two she has been making a few attempts that kind of look like the beginning of crawling but no actual movement has happened as a by product yet. On the flip side, she does love standing and walking along hanging onto a little finger – so maybe she’ll walk before she can crawl.

Evie sitting in a clothes basket full multi-coloured plastic ballsSo far we’ve been really lucky with food, Evie will eat anything we put in front of her, even cream cheese as I found out by mistake! With Hugo, we started out quite well but by his first birthday his eating became more and more fussy and simply refused to eat foods that he’d loved previously. We don’t have any idea why that happened and Claire tried countless different things to get him to eat the food that we wanted but it just didn’t happen unfortunately. At this stage, Evie is still going gangbusters eating everything so hopefully that’ll continue into the future.

Watching Evie and Hugo play together has been great, Evie absolutely adores Hugo. To begin with Hugo wasn’t all that keen on Evie joining our family but soon warmed up to the idea and now Hugo gives Evie kisses all the time. As Evie has matured and her personality has developed, their interactions have become more complex. For reasons only known to Evie, Hugo and only Hugo has the ability to make her laugh, chuckle and cackle like no one else can.  I can only imagine what is going to happen when Evie gains her independence with walking, she’ll be chasing Hugo around the house constantly and wanting to do everything that he does.

I really can’t wait to see what the next year brings with Evie, it is going to be exciting to see her continue to develop and I think that she is going to be best friends with Hugo.


Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera With 18-55mm LensToward the end of last year, Claire & I went on the hunt for a new portable point and shoot digital camera. We’d had our Canon Ixus 65 for about three and a half years and while it functions perfectly & is in near new condition – it is getting a little long in the tooth.

For the last couple of years we’ve wanted to upgrade from a pocket sized digital camera and add a digital SLR into our photography arsenel but for whatever reason – we never got around to it. Conveniently, Harvey Norman happened to have a 20 month interest & repayment free promotion on at the moment – so we figured now was a perfect time to jump in with both feet.

My original plan was to buy a Canon EOS 550D digital SLR, as they’ve recently been superseded by the Canon EOS 600D and figured that it’d offer a good bargaining chip for me, as they’d want to clear their old stock.

After talking to a really helpful older staff member at Harvey Norman, I’m quite sure that plan would have worked swimmingly – up until he said that they have virtually no stock of any make or type of digital cameras as a result of the March 11 tsunami in Japan. He’d said that within a day or two of the tsunami, they’d been contacted by three or four of the major camera manufacturers and told that their orders had been cancelled and not to expect new stock until September at the earliest.

Instead of Harvey Norman having dozens of Canon digital SLR cameras in stock of various models, with a plethora of lens to boot – they had four – 1x Canon 550D and 3x Canon 600D. I thought I was still going to be in luck, until I realised that they had no lens kits availabile for the Canon 550D -which after talking to Andrew last night, he recommended getting a second larger lens.

In the end, we opted to pay a little more and go with the latest model – a Canon EOS 600D digital SLR twin lens kit. The Canon 600D packs some pretty kick arse figures – 18 megapixels, 3″ LCD screen, shoots full 1080p HD video, does 3.7fps continuous shooting with 9 point auto focus and 100-6400 ISO. The two lens that come with the kit are an 18-55mm and a 55-250mm, which seems like a good spread at this stage. We’ve now got to learn how to wrangle it – but what I know without knowing anything, is that it takes a mean photo by just point & clicking!

Caught Out By International Date Formats

When I first registered in the early part of the 2000’s, I registered it via namescout who operated at the time and had the best pricing for domain names by a reasonable amount. The nice thing about dealing with namescout back then was that everything was localised, as I was dealing with an Australian business.

Fast forward to 2011 and they no longer bother having a website and service everyone via; same basic service just all via the one website. One significant change that appears to have happened with that is that they are no longer providing localised versions of their email notices, such as a domain renewal notice.

Last week I received an email stating that my domain was going to expire on 5/7/2011, fantastic. I dismissed it at the time and figured I’d deal with it next week – which sounded great until Belinda SMS’d Claire & I asking if we knew why her blog was down. After beginning to check a few things, I couldn’t see anything obviously wrong so emailed my Australian web hosting company to see if they could see anything and they let me know the domain had expired – didn’t I feel like a complete idiot.

This could have been avoided if they’d used my personal contact information to provide an domain expiry notice that provided an Australian date format of 7/5/2011, if they’d said 7 May 2011 or that somewhere in the email it said in 7 days time.

After a few hiccups getting it the domain renewed, everything eventually sorted itself out. However, it resulted in over 24 hours of website and email outage – which is frustrating.