Mo Money

Ducati Motorbike, Mercedes SL63 AMG & Seadoo Jet SkiThe Surfers Paradise car park located under Circle on Cavill houses a lot cars, which range in quality from complete crappers all the way up to the unobtainable.

One bloke in particular, I’m quite sure takes great pleasure in parking his car, his motorbike and his jet ski – spread across two car parks.

For those that don’t recognise what is in the picture, the motorbike is a new Ducati which start at about $25,000. Next we’ve got the Mercedes SL63 AMG, which packs a 6.2L V8 producing 385Kw and 630Nm of rubber melting goodness and will lighten your wallet by about $440,000. To cool off, of course you need a Seadoo jet ski and they are about $25,000.

Amazingly, the guy that owns these three happiness creation devices is under 40 years old and if I ever get a chance to have a word – I think I’ll feel compelled to ask him what the hell he does!

5 thoughts on “Mo Money

  1. I am normally a Japanese bike kind of person and usually prefer a fully fared bike but that Ducati is awesome. I drool a little each time I pass it.

  2. Given his preference for things that go really fast, I’m surprised that he isn’t packing a Ducati 1198 R Course Superbike. That being said, that particular Ducati motorbike is still going to go stupid fast, what’s the difference between getting to 100kph in 2.2s compared to 2.6s in practical terms?

  3. I can’t remember what he looks like exactly but maybe the owner is or is like Jamie Pickering who owns two or three nightclubs on the Gold Coast & just bought a penthouse in Circle on Cavill for AU$2.5M in January?

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