Monthly Archives: February 2011

WordPress 3.1

WordPress 3.1 was released during the week, which is the next major release of the worlds most popular personal publishing and blogging platform. There were over 820 enhancements or support tickets closed during this release, spread over more than 2000 commits to their source code by over 180 developers spread around the world!

Like I’ve become accustomed to and so many others around the world, the upgrade from WordPress 3.0.x was seamless, fast and error free. I was impressed that all of the plugins that I’ve got installed, which while not all were tested with enough volume against the pre-releases of WordPres 3.1 – all seem to be working without a hitch.

Now I just need to learn to grapple with all of the new functionality, to see how I can leverage it moving forward!

Mo Money

Ducati Motorbike, Mercedes SL63 AMG & Seadoo Jet SkiThe Surfers Paradise car park located under Circle on Cavill houses a lot cars, which range in quality from complete crappers all the way up to the unobtainable.

One bloke in particular, I’m quite sure takes great pleasure in parking his car, his motorbike and his jet ski – spread across two car parks.

For those that don’t recognise what is in the picture, the motorbike is a new Ducati which start at about $25,000. Next we’ve got the Mercedes SL63 AMG, which packs a 6.2L V8 producing 385Kw and 630Nm of rubber melting goodness and will lighten your wallet by about $440,000. To cool off, of course you need a Seadoo jet ski and they are about $25,000.

Amazingly, the guy that owns these three happiness creation devices is under 40 years old and if I ever get a chance to have a word – I think I’ll feel compelled to ask him what the hell he does!

Super High Frame Rate Video From A Las Vegas Hotel Room

Tom Guilmette was in Las Vegas for work & had access to a Phantom Flex, which is a super high frame rate video camera.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s the same sort of technology that provides the super slow motion footage of a tennis player striking a ball from the Australian Open tennis championship or similar.

However, the Phantom Flex isn’t just any run of the mill high frame rate camera, with enough light it can shoot at over 2,500 frames per second in 1080p! If you can ‘tolerate’ a less than full high definition picture – you can capture a speeding bullet at 10,000 frames per second – wow.

That sort of video camera isn’t the sort of thing that videographers¬†‘just have access to’ like a normal high megapixel digital camera. So while Tom had access to the beast, he thought he should make the most of it and shot a whole raft of cool footage from within his hotel room in Las Vegas Nevada.