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Evie Charlotte Lattimore

Evie Charlotte Lattimore, born 11:40AM 18 May 2010 at Pindara Private Hospital Gold Coast (3.6Kg/7lb 15oz and 49cm long)
Claire and I became parents for the second time on Tuesday 18th May at approximately 11:40AM, when we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world named Evie Charlotte Lattimore.

Evie weighed in at 3.6Kg or 7 lb 15oz in the old scale and was 49cm long. According to the Queensland Health growth charts, she is right on the average for length and between 50th and 75th percentile for weight.

Claire and Evie are both doing really well and we’re overjoyed to have a little girl in the family.


I remember being horrified when Belinda told me one day that she has been known to stick her finger into Ben’s nappy to check if he’d done a poo. Last night, I utilised the finger test myself for the first time & it worked as described. I was horrified I even considered using my finger, but I can assure you there were extenuating circumstances.

Juno Theme Songs

Juno, the Ocsar award winning comedy drama was on the TV tonight. The first time Claire and I saw Juno, we both really enjoyed it and have probably watched it half a dozen times or more since it came out in the cinema on DVD.

For those that don’t know the basic plot, its about Juno MacGuff – an off beat 16 year old girl who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy and her unusual decision regarding her unborn child. While that might sound quite serious, the movie is really funny and her straight talking commentary throughout the film is sure to give you a laugh.

The Juno theme song is quirky, a little like the movie but I think they are a little infectious. I had no idea what they were called so went on a quick expedition online to find out who wrote the theme songs for Juno:

Juno Opening Theme Song: Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want Is You

Having trouble viewing the embedded video above, watch it directly on YouTube.

Juno Closing Theme Song: Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You

Having trouble viewing the embedded video above, watch it directly on YouTube.