Apple App Store Inaccessible With Verified Account

Yesterday I bemoaned the poor user experience when signing up for an Apple iTunes Store account via my new iPhone. I expected that the process was going to be the path travelled by literally millions of Apple iPhone users and therefore very smooth but that wasn’t the case.

After finally managing to get my new account verified and confirming that it worked by signing into iTunes, I am still unable to access the Apple App Store via my iPhone. After providing my credentials when attempting to install an application, I’m presented with an error stating that my account isn’t yet verified – even though it works on my desktop.

Realising the error of my ways after stumbling through the account verification process already, I fired up iTunes on the iPhone and then clicked the URL within the verification email. To my surprise, the URL loaded up again and was presented with the same response, that I couldn’t perform this action on my iPhone.

What is the next course of action?

3 thoughts on “Apple App Store Inaccessible With Verified Account

  1. I don’t think that is the solution Andrew, however if Apple would fix their account verification process – that’d be a different story!

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