David Jones & The Global Financial Crisis

Over the weekend Claire, Hugo and I were in Brisbane to meet Rosie & Wayne to sort out some wedding affairs. After Rosie & Wayne headed off – we thought we might do a spot of shopping while we were there.

We made our way into the David Jones in Brisbane city and Claire found a few small items that she wanted. We set about finding a checkout counter and to our surprise, we waited at the counter for about 10 minutes without anyone coming to serve us.

You could forgive the poor customer service if the place was overrun with shoppers leading into Christmas, however that wasn’t the case at all. To add insult to injury, there were two David Jones staff chatting to one another 15 meters from the counter and neither came to serveĀ  us – even though they clearly knew were were waiting to be served.

If it hasn’t happened already, we’ll be hearing in the news shortly that David Jones are laying off staff due to the global financial crisis. In an attempt to avoid retrenching more staff and helping the economy out – maybe their various management teams could talk to their staff about providing better customer service.

We actually wanted to spend money with David Jones, however their poor customer service made it rather difficult.