Crap Crap Okay Winner

Over the weekend I thought that catching up on a few movies might be a nice thing to do, so went and rented out:

  • I Am Legend
  • Cloverfield
  • 27 Dresses

I Am Legend reminded me a lot of Cast Away with Tom Hanks, a lone actor taking ownership of the screen for nearly the entire film. It was probably worth a watch, though I don’t think I’ll ever rent it out on DVD again – so I suppose that is an indication of my overall impression.

Cloverfield, I don’t really know where to start. It had crazy amounts of hype pre-release, I’m pretty sure I recall seeing teaser advertising for it nearly an entire year before it hit the big screen. I haven’t bothered to read up about it online, however my review of it was that it was complete and utter shit. I appreciate that it was meant to be ‘from the eyes of the people on ground zero’ with the camera work – but the Blair Witch Project wore that out about three and a half minutes in. Given it was about an alien creature taking over a big city and tearing it to pieces, the special effects weren’t anything to write home about and there was very limited interaction with them. If it wasn’t for the fact that I got it on a rental guarantee from Video Ezy – it’d be the sort of movie that you wish you could unhire and get your money back.

27 Dresses was more enjoyable than the previous two combined and I didn’t think it was outstanding. There were a few points through the movie where I chucked, however if it was just a little funnier in general throughout, it was have been a really enjoyable movie – not just okay/good.

The upside of the weekend from a movie stand point, I picked up a boxed set of the Alien Quadrilogy on sale – huzzah!

One thought on “Crap Crap Okay Winner

  1. I agree with the Cloverfield review. I watched on the plane yesterday, and what a massive disappointment.

    I am legend was ok, but I agree that it doesn’t leave any lasting impression and I wouldn’t bother watching it again.

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