Earth Hour

On March 31 2007, Sydney turned off their lights for 60 minutes in a movement called Earth Hour. The Earth Hour event was to raise awareness of the impact that coal fired power is having on the environment and in 2008, its spread and is now a global event.

Last night, Claire and I turned off all of the lights and fired up some candles. Princess wasn’t sure what was going on and the new fang dangled glowing things needed investigating. After a little bit of up close sniffing, she realised that they weren’t all that fun and felt obligated to have a cat nap after all the excitement.

To pass the time, it seemed like a good opportunity to bust out a board game; so we played Backgammon by candlelight for an hour. Pretty even actually, I got some lucky roles in the first game and Claire got a couple good ones in the second – it was a draw after the hour finished.