Destructive Smacktards

Last week on the way home from work I noticed that someone had parked their car on the side of the motorway. It was parked in a bit of a precarious position to be honest, on the side of a steep slanting piece of grass but I suppose you don’t get a choice when your car breaks down on the whole.

Every time this has happened in the past, at some point a or a bunch of destructive smacktards cannot help himself but to cause a whole bunch of costly damage to the vehicle. I’ve been keeping an eye on the car over the last week to see how long it lasted and it seems that after sitting for four days during the week, the smacktard couldn’t resist the lure of the weekend to completely trash the vehicle.

After said smacktards were finished with it:

  • all of the windscreens in the car have been broken
  • the majority of the front and back lights on the car have been smashed
  • quite a few of the panels on the car have large dints in them

It’s all a bit sad that someone can’t leave their car parked in an unmonitored area for a few days while organising to have it fixed without it being destroyed. I think that the smacktards need to find a more rewarding pass time that doesn’t involve destroying other peoples property.