5 thoughts on “Mental Note

  1. Just how bad are we talking here ?

    a) a bit of gas
    b) lots of gas
    c) lots of really really nasty gas
    d) lots of really really nasty gas with extras
    e) everything in d) plus the same in reverse
    f) you lost your game of squash (or spilled the beer)

  2. Andrew,

    Suffice to say that after attempting to run in the first game, which was in itself an effort – the subsequent three were next to impossible.

    I’m pretty much sure that if I had of exerted myself like I normally do; I would have needed a mop.


  3. Hahahahaha…. If I had have known you were feeling that unwell I would have hung round and watched…

  4. Jake,

    You’re spot on. When I left, Claire warned me that I’d be sick and I thought it’d be fine. Of course, after having a few beers and a delicious dinner – I was feeling great. That all went to pot when I started to run around, won’t do that again any time soon.


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