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Google intergrate malware blocking services into their search servicesI was recently searching for information using Google and was suprised to see that they have integrated a malware blocking service into their search results.

As Google are indexing the internet, they are always taking into consideration what content is on your site. They are now using that information to warn their users of a web site which might contain suspect or malicious content.

Personally, I think that it is an excellent service to provide the Google user base. A lot of people who simply ‘use’ computers aren’t aware how easy it is for their computer to become infected with all sorts of nasty stuff. At least if they are confronted with an intermediary page as listed above, it will make the users think twice about viewing the site or using any of the content/services which they may provide.

5 thoughts on “Google Malware Warning

  1. I am currently finding this very annoying. I, being a power using, know what sites I am going to and Feel that I should not be wasting my time having google telling me it is unsafe.

    I stubled on this site looking for a way to remove this “Malware Warning” that I consider Malware.

  2. When i search for “tirumala” and click the link to link in Google search result page, I got this Malware warning:

    “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

    Please help to remove this, as it is a holy organaization site.

  3. can someone tell us how to remove this piece of crap safe browser or do i have to go back and use IE7?

  4. Mjay,

    It isn’t something that your browser is doing, it is something that Google are doing.

    While crawling/spidering the internet, Google have identified that the page you’re trying to access is malicious in some manner. As an example, if the web server or your web site has been hacked and malicious content placed onto your site – Google will provide that intermediate page as a warning.

    I suggest you follow the link I listed previously to find out more information about how that works and the steps you can take to have it removed (ie, fix the problem and it’ll be automatically removed).


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