Google Adsense Fluffer

Google Adsense payment after running Adsense for approximately 75 daysIn the middle of July, I thought it seemed like a good idea to see what all the fuss was about regarding Google Adsense.

After adding the simple snippets of JavaScript into my WordPress templates, I immediately started to earn through it. The first few days were very sketchy, earning me under USD$0.50 per day and then it slowly picked up. Roughly two months later and Google Adsense is consistently earning over USD$1.00 per day and I currently have an average earning of, wait for it – USD$1.58 per day!

Though the numbers are no where near as impressive as some of the internets biggest Google Adsense whores, it makes a difference. My web host charges me AUD$15.00/month, so in approximately two and a half months – Google Adsense has essentially paid for an entire years worth of hosting!

A thank you must go out to Google for providing such a simple advertising medium for content publishers and the sites readers for clicking an advertisement as they passed through the site.