C Espresso Bar, Gold Coast

About two months ago, Claire and I ate breakfast at a new Gold Coast cafe named C Espresso Bar. For those that aren’t aware, it is located in the newly constructed Southport Central precinct at Southport.

We were in the area again this morning and decided to return to the C Espresso Bar for round two, which produced the following synopsis:

  • They make a great cup of espresso
  • The staff are very nice, happy to see you and fast
  • The food was excellent again and served quickly
  • They stock gluten free bread

All the above points make for a fantastic breakfast, however point four really topped it off. For the majority of people, a restaurant providing gluten free food doesn’t make a lick of difference. Unfortunately for a minority of people who suffer from a gluten intolerance, serving gluten free food is a really big thing. Ordinarily when we go out for breakfast, Claire is generally restricted to having straight bacon and eggs with nothing else. Needless to say, when the owner informed us that they stock a gluten free bread – Claire was all but doing hand stands in excitement!

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast cafe for breakfast that you can get:

  • A great espresso
  • A great big breakfast
  • A gluten free bacon, eggs, toast & sauteed mushrooms

then you might like to give the C Espresso Bar a shot.

3 thoughts on “C Espresso Bar, Gold Coast

  1. Thanks for the tip on the cafe, I am also gluten intolerant. Do you know of any other cafes that serve gluten free bread on the coast? FYI, I have been doing some research on the net and there is a gluten free food show coming to Brisbane Convention Centre on the 12th-13th May.


  2. Thomas,

    Unfortunately, we haven’t found another cafe that serves gluten free bread, say for breakfast.

    We have found quite a few different restaurants that serve delicious gluten free meals though.

    If you’re interested, throw some of your favourites in here and I’ll do the same.


  3. Hi,
    Was really happy to read your comments about c espresso bar as my brother David & his wife sarah own it.I actually live in England & havn’t had the opportunity to visit Aus….please say hi to david for me if you venture into the coffee shop again!!!!
    Many Thanks
    His sister Kim

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