Hardly Newsworthy

On the 22nd February 2005, Jason Kottke decided he would run his blog full time. To support himself and family through this time, he asked his readership to become micropatrons by donating a small sum of money.

A year to the day and Jason posted about the year in review in which he announces he is going to throw in the towel. I congratulate Jason for giving it a whirl and throughout the year, he has provided an awesome amount of content to the masses from his site.

What I fail to understand though, is how its considered newsworthy by a big gun technology site such as ZDNet? Maybe it was a slow news day or they needed a human interest story, I just don’t see how it is significant enough to warrant space on a site like that.

2 thoughts on “Hardly Newsworthy

  1. I guess if you read between the lines, it constitutes proof that regardless of how much you offer, people would rather pull their own teeth than pay.

    They say time is money, and unfortunately if you have loads of one, then you have none of the other…

  2. That and with the advent of the public link sites, such as reddit/digg and so forth – what he was offering is being diminished by a free service, at a scale he can’t compete with.


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