7 thoughts on “Tinfoil Computer

  1. Obviously you got to work after said colleague. Hopefully Nick was there before hand to grab a photo of the desk before half of it was ripped off.

    Nothing like $3 (30 meters) of foil going to good use :)

  2. I actually saw an entire room covered like that as a college prank. Everything from the floor and ceiling, to the paperclips and cd’s. It was hillarious.

  3. Not the computer… :)

    Lol, good prank!

    Teeny, lighten up a little and enjoy the sweet crackle of tin-foil…

    Hope he enjoyed it!

  4. That’s always funny, one of my friends at work did the same thing to me, but covered my entire cubicle! Including my PC, monitor, keyboard, phone…you get the idea.

    I’d post a pic or two but am I able to?

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