Brisbane Formal Wear/Suit Hire

With the wedding creeping up on us week by week, it was well and truly time to organise the suits for the groom and groomsmen.

It was suggested that we first port of call be Tony Barlow, as he apparently has a good range of formal wear for weddings, formals, balls and so forth. The suggestion was spot on, we didn’t need to go anywhere else for it – they had everything we needed. Our attendant, Sonya (from memory) was also fantastic, she knew what we should and shouldn’t be wearing, what looks good and what is considered a fashion faux pas. The whole experience was very simple and straight forward, no doubt helped along by a great attendant.

Strike one more from the list, September 24 here we come!

5 thoughts on “Brisbane Formal Wear/Suit Hire

  1. A real IT professional wears jeans and thongs everywhere, even his own wedding! Especially on the Gold Coast. What’s going on?

  2. Of course, I offered to just wear a pair of cargo shorts and my new Asic running shoes. Unfortunately, Claire felt it would have clashed with her dress to some degree. Not wanting to go near the whole “re-make the dress” concept, I felt a suit would probably work better.

  3. I’m seeing some serious thumb print here… just because you’re getting married to her, it doesn’t give her any right to remove your geek-style clothing, even for the wedding. I’m with Paul on this one – jeans and thongs! (maybe even a think geek tee!) :-)

  4. Don’t knock the “I Love My Geek” baby doll. I got one of those for Stacey and she wears it a lot more than I expected her to.

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