IE7, Beta 1

Quite some time ago, Microsoft announced renewed interest in updating their flagship browser, Internet Explorer. It is a widely known fact that Internet Explorer has some serious deficiencies in terms of compliance with the web standards. The deficiencies I talk of, are a major pain in the arse for most web developers who choose to develop sites according to the web standards.

On Friday just passed, the IE7 team annouced some new features which will definitely be included in the next release of IE. In case you don’t feel like clicking the link, the couple that have been confirmed are:

  • support for per pixel alpha channel filtering in PNG images (this can be used for transparency)
  • addressing major inconsistency problems in the CSS engine, including fixes for the peekabo & guillotine bugs.

I really did have some serious reservations about what the new IE7 would come to the table with. To be honest, I thought it was going to be more of a security release with very minor improvements to the rendering engine. If this release ends up fixing some/most of the major issues that web developers face battling IE and the standards, it will be a glorious day.

Go Microsoft, I mean, go Team IE!
Did I just say that aloud?

2 thoughts on “IE7, Beta 1

  1. Well I got a hold of the Beta… gues what?…. your right it does none of these thing not only that but it now notices all of those little hack we use to get around ie6, yep that’s right it now see the selector curectly but renders them incurectly.

    MS did say that they have not impelmented all the CSS stuff they talk about in beta 1, but will in the Beta 2 relese. It does leave you with a knot in your tommie to think that they may just make matter worse

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