Does This Cyclist Have The Best Balance In The World?

In the past I’ve posted what I thought were some incredible videos like Danny MacAskill doing what seems to be impossible on a mountain bike. Today I came across a video of a woman doing what I guess you’d call bicycle dancing – akin to ice dancing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone display more agility and balance before in any activity, let alone something as dynamic and fluid as the impressive display she puts on.

Backwards Bicycle – Unlearning A ‘Simple’ Skill

Learning to ride a bicycle takes a bit of time when you’re little but once you get the basics, your skills on the bike progress really quickly. In the video a friend of the presenter (Destin, who has a great website and YouTube channel named Smarter Every Day) makes a bike where turning left, actually turns the wheel to the right. I initially thought to myself, that’d be hard but I’m sure I could handle that with a little practice. Watch the video to find out how long it took Destin to unlearn how to ride a traditional bike and how fast his son was able to do it!

Movolution 2014

Movember 2014 is over and it was really successful.

Unlike the bad 80’s porn Mo that I sported in 2013, this years attempt to grow in a set of Chopper Reed handlebars (see my artist impression) will get chocked up as a success, at least in my mind anyway!

Additionally, I managed to push through the $1000 barrier for the charity fundraising element and completed the month at a whopping $1100 – a massive thank you needs to go out to everyone that donated!

Below is the evolution or movolution of my Mo, including it going pink for the last work day of the month to help solicit the last few donations that clearly got me over the line.

Now I just need to work out what style of Mo I’m going to sport next year, sorry Claire!

Alistair Lattimore Movember 2014 Growth Collage


V8 Supercar Hot Laps

Today I enjoyed one of my 34th birthday presents from Claire, hot laps in a V8 Supercar!

V8 Supercar Experience: Alistair Lattimore & Driver Steve Robinson
V8 Supercar Experience: Alistair Lattimore & Driver Steve Robinson

Performance Driving Centre are located on the Gold Coast at Norwell, which is on the eastern side of the M1 behind Ormeau. In addition to offering V8 Supercar experiences in both Ford and Holden vehicles, they also provide driver training in four different classes, karting, track days for you to drive your own car and corporate/business events!

When I arrived, like most events of this nature you sign your life away in a waiver. I was then led into another room to get into a race suit and find a helmet by V8 Supercar driver Steve Owen.

I was really fortunate as there weren’t that many other people there, so as soon as I was dressed I walked out of the building and met my driver whose hands I was going to be placing my life in at over 200kph – Steve ‘Robbo’ Robinson who races V8 Utes.

Two minutes later I was pouring myself into a Ford V8 Supercar and getting buckled up by Steve Owen. The cars start their life as a road going vehicle and are upgraded into race cars with roll cages, bracing, V8 Supercar aero kits, wheels, tyres, brakes and suspension. The engine delivers over 400HP at the wheels and it’s driven through a normal H-pattern gear box. I didn’t ask Robbo if the gearbox was a Holinger or not (they come in H-pattern or sequential) but they use an H-pattern because as a customer you can book packages where you get to drive these beasts and a H-pattern is practical in that sense.

Before I knew it the engine fired up and we were away, roaring into the first turn and breaking hard. Initially I was expecting that it’d take Robbo an entire lap around the track to really start laying into it but before we got through the out lap, he was pounding through the corners are full noise.

The lateral forces are incredible, the fastest turn at the back of the track the car feels like it is on the edge of its grip but despite tearing over the top of the ripple strips – it stays the course and you get fired out the other side.

Probably the most impressive part of it though is the acceleration and breaking. As you come through the slower corner, the time it takes to shift through two gears at full RPM and then stomp on the break coming into the next corner is amazing, then its back on full throttle as soon as the vehicle hits the apex.

It was an amazing experience, I had a massive smile on my face the entire time we were in the car – I just couldn’t believe how fast it was. It makes the speed sensation of pushing a go-kart to the edge through fast turns seems so slow by comparison (despite you being 2″ off the ground in a kart).

I’ve now got an entirely new appreciation for what a V8 Supercar driver goes through at a race track like Bathurst, as the real cars put out about 250HP more and are 400Kg lighter as well. This now makes all of the editorial that I’ve read over the years by journalists make so much more sense when they say they are a brutal assault on your senses and the power, handling and breaking just don’t let up – ever!