Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bringing Shadows To Life

I think this is really really creative and makes your imagination begin to wander. When I first watched this I was mesmerized by the shape and flow of the shadows, especially since you know what is creating them and your mind is imagining the actual person on the skateboard doing the tricks, while you’re only getting to see the two dimensional distorted view of it.

Best Bucket Drumming You’ll Ever See

Meet Gordon, an Australian drummer who plays in several bands and busks at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney playing the drums on buckets. I’ve seen bucket drumming before, however never to this level. I’m impressed by how good the sound is coming out of a set of plastic buckets and the speed of the drumming in sections is incredible. Gordon has recently created a YouTube channel as well and it looks as though he is adding instructional videos to his channel about learning how to play the drums using nothing but drum sticks and some plastic buckets!