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Evie, 4 Months & Fabulous

Evie Lattimore, 4 months old & smiling on play matEvie is now four months old and and I can’t believe that it was the end of July when Evie was two months old that I last wrote about her, time has just flown by.

One of the most rewarding changes over the last 2 months has to have been Evie developing her personality and finding her voice. Now instead of the simple sounds that she used to make as an new born, she can laugh, giggle and squeal in delight. On top of that, she has developed a fantastically expressive face and waking her up in the morning is pure joy – she is so happy to see you and is positively beaming with smiles.

In the last two months, Evie has taken countless trips in the car – some longer than others. So far, she has been pretty much a perfect child in that respect, she is happy to travel and just as happy to have a sleep in the car when she is tired. We’ve also been pushing her well outside of the routine that we’ve kept with Hugo & Evie as well, which she seems to tolerate quite well. Of course, depending on how far we go or how exhausting the event is that we’re at – largely depends on how well she copes with the following day but it all balances out.

Being 4 months old has also meant that she has had her next round of immunisation shots at the doctor. The first set of injections, Evie grizzled a little but got over it without a hitch. I couldn’t make it for the most recent ones, however Claire tells me she absolutely bellowed but it was thankfully short lived. While there, Evie had her measurements taken again and she is hitting all the right markers and then some – coming in at over the 95th percentile in weight and height.

Date Weight Length Head Circ
18/5/2010 3.60Kg 49cm 33.5cm
21/5/2010 3.41Kg
3/6/2010 4.04Kg
2/7/2010 4.84Kg
14/7/2010 5.22Kg 57.5cm 37.3cm
21/7/2010 5.69Kg 58.5cm 38cm
29/9/2010 7.44Kg† 66cm 40cm
† Weighed with closes on

The last few weeks has seen Evie begin to really wiggle about when she is on her play mat and enjoying tummy time. She has worked out how to wiggle her way up on her play mat and twist her torso and hips nearly to the point of rolling over unassisted. While at Andrew & Belinda’s recently, Evie did actually manage to roll over while on their sofa but we’re not counting it as legit because the seat is on an angle but it was fun to watch nonetheless!

More to come, watch this space.

Reckless Drivers

While traveling home from work this evening at the back end of peak hour, I thought I was going to be a collateral damage in another car accident, caused by a reckless driver.

I was driving north along the Gold Coast Highway, just before the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in Southport. The traffic is zoned at 60kph through that section I think but the traffic was probably flowing at a little under 70kph. At that section of the Gold Coast Highway, there are two lanes in each direction and paralell parking against the gutter.

Out of a side street, some reckless young driver pulled out and instead of merging into the traffic like someone with common sense, decided he’d race up the shoulder of the road (between the parked cars & the left lane) at break neck pace. Remembering, we’re in peak hour traffic, traveling at around 70kph and he was passing us easily – I suspect he’d have been approaching 85-90kph.

Unfortately for the driver, the road narrows a little and the shoulder gets thinner. He decided to continue to charge forward and try and get into a very small gap in the traffic about 5 cars in front of him, but not before shattering his left hand side rear view mirror against the right rear view mirror of a parked car. I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed.

As it turned out, I had my passenger window down and he heard me talking to myself in disgust, while referring to him as a wanker. He of course said something to me but when I called him on the fact that he very very nearly smashed into the rear end of a parked car in peak hour at 80-90kph – he denied it completely as if it didn’t happen and his feet on the dashboard girlfriend began hurling all manner of obscenities at me.

He represents the very kind of idiot driver that we don’t need on the roads.

Complete Telecom, Misleading & Deceptive Conduct

Over the weekend at around 6PM, I received a call from a private number. Claire refuses to answer private numbers but I’ll at least pick them up to see who it might be.

In this particular instance, it was Telstra calling to let me know that I’d be receiving a discount on my future bills because we’d been paying our bills on or ahead of the due date. The phone call went along the same lines as you’d expect, they asked for me directly and proceeded to check out basic personal information.

Everything was going swimmingly, up until they required me to provide some sort of additional identification – it didn’t matter what it was, drivers license, Medicare, pension number or other. I was reluctant to provide any of that information to them, as it isn’t Telstra’s normal practice over the phone but went with the flow and provided them part of my Medicare number.

At that stage, the young bloke I was talking to transferred me to his senior something-or-rather to refresh me on what the change was and fill in any blanks. The next person was also quite slick and moved through things quickly and was happy to flash by the fact that the service was provided by Complete Telecom and not Telstra. Not to worry though, they use Telstra hardware to deliver the phone services so it’ll all be okay!

As soon as those words came out of his mount, I promptly told him that I didn’t want anything that he was selling, not to make any changes to what I considered to be the best home phone plan available in June last year.

The conduct from Complete Telecom was nothing short of deceptive and misleading. First off they introduce themselves and misrepresent themselves as being from Telstra, have the balls to ask me for some of my personal information, gloss over the fact that they are in fact not Telstra but placate me by telling me that the phone services are delivered over Telstra hardware.

Sorry Complete Telecom, that doesn’t make you Telstra at any level – it makes you a shoddy filthy lying scam ridden company that I will never, ever do business with – regardless of how good your deal is. I’ll be lodging a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, you can take it up with them.