Monthly Archives: January 2005

Long Time Friends

On Australia Day, my fiance and I drove down to Brisbane domestic airport to pick up our respective chief bridesmaid (Rosie Brady) and best man (Wayne Goulevitch).

Claire and I have known Rosie and Wayne now for about six years. Claire met Rosie whilst working at Westridge Blockbuster Video in Toowoomba. At which point, they became close friends and as a result I got to know Wayne.

Before we knew it, our relationship together was growing strong and we were doing more and things together, more and more frequently. Wayne and I intially were helping each other with our respective Engineering degrees, when within a semester of each other, we both changed from B.Eng into B.IT; who would have thunk it?

I love it that Rosie and Wayne make the time to come and visit us when they can and we both love when they’re here. It was very convenient this time that Jetstar had $9 flights from Mackay to Brisbane, so it saved them a great deal of money, thanks Jetstar! I know it’s a huge effort for them to come and visit, they are travelling about 1000km or more each time, as they live in North Queensland.

Thanks guys, it means the world to both Claire and I.

In case you got here looking for the Toowoomba BlockBuster locations, their details are as follows:

Blockbuster Westridge, Toowoomba
Shop 15 Westridge Centre, Cnr West & Charnley Streets
Westridge QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4636 1644

Blockbuster Herries St, Toowoomba
128 Herries Street
Herries St QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4639 4362

Blockbuster Wyalla (Clifford Gardens), Toowoomba
Cnr James Street and Anzac Avenue
Wyalla (Clifford Gardens) QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4634 1575

Blockbuster High Street Plaza, Toowoomba
Shop 28 High Street Plaza Shopping
High Street Plaza QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4636 6611

IIS & Invalid Folder Names

Recently at work, I was working on cleaning up some of the pages which are used to view the statistics of various domains. One in particular is the branded domain that is used for marketing purposes, while the actual content for the site resides at sub-domains.

For the sake of discussion, lets assume the branded domain is, while each of the sub-domains are broken down by year;

The existing structure of the statistics, only allowed for a single years worth of statistics to be stored (logically speaking). Under the document root, there were simply a bunch of folders representing the current month and previous months that had elapsed.

Doing the logical thing, I created folders named with sub-folders named by monty with a yy suffix on them. After spending considerable time collating all of the statistics for the domain (there are tens of gigabytes of log files), it was finally complete.

As I went to view the statistics, I was greeted with a rather strange error message from IIS:

  1. HTTP 403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden

You would normally interpret that sort of an error as a permission problem. For instance, you were running some sort of script/cgi and the virtual host had no execute permissions. Well after checking the vhost information, script execution was turned on. So for the sake of testing, I increased it to scripts and executables. Still nothing, I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I then checked the permissions on all the folders I had created (I created them over the network, thought maybe the right rwx permissions hadn’t come across), nope.. they were fine too.

After a couple of hours of head scratching and googling, still nothing. There were thousands of pages relating to actual cgi/script/executable problems, however mine was plain static HTML.

The problem: I named my folders For some reason, IIS considers a folder with dots/periods in them to be invalid.

The solution: remove the dots in the sub-folders and replace them with underscoress (_). Bing, worked like a charm.

Much Ado About Nothing

At this stage, I have no idea if TextPattern will stay or not. In the very foreseeable future, I will have to write/implement something for content management for my father. This was actually one of the driving forces for installed a few different blogging packages to see if I could use one of these and build upon it to save myself considerable time.

Initially I installed WordPress, however at this stage (v1.2.2), it doesn’t support multiple blogs and categories of those blogs. As such, if I wanted to maintain a nice clean URL structure (and who doesn’t, really?), I would need to install multiple copies of it and prefix each installation with the section name of the site. A very poor hack in my opinion. That said, apparently version 1.5 of WordPress will support it so I might come back to it before I get into this fully.

Directly after removing WordPress, I installed TextPattern. This system in my opinion is far more complex and the user interface isn’t anywhere near as intuitive, however might be more powerful. This package supports multiple blogs (sections of your site) and categories, which is excellent. However, it doesn’t support categories of a sections (just gross categories for your entire site). I essentially want to end up with a URL structure like and and so forth. Nice clean URLs that are future proof.

The other key thing I need is the ability to write modules for it. Among the simple content management that I require, I will also need to write a module/component to act as a simple shopping cart/gallery. My father intends to list stock on there and to have descriptions of that stock with images and so forth.

I can only hope that WordPress comes to the rescue before I need to start doing this and pray the source for it is clean an extensible. If it isn’t, I will be putting more time into completing my own content management system and components for them to use.