Proximity Wingsuit Skydiving

Alexander Polli is an extreme athlete who loves skydiving but is part of an elite group of skydivers who jump in either a wingsuit or a tracksuit.

Skydiving wingsuits have fabric between the arms and legs like a sugar glider and also between the legs, allowing the skydiver to easily control his or her movement in the air. Skydiving tracksuits are basically what they suggest, special tracksuits that fill with air and provide less control than a wingsuit but more than a standard skydiving outfit.

Of course human ‘flight’ in a wingsuit is all well and good but to keep the adrenalin pumping, this group of extreme athletes are doing something known as proximity flying (wingsuit) or tracking (tracksuit), where they fall with style very very very close to things with little room for error.

If you’ve never seen footage of proximity flying in a wingsuit before, the video below will blow your mind – especially where Alexandra is narrowly missing the tops of mountains, tracking just above a treeline over top of a road.

Prepare to be amazed!