Google Maps Earth Art

Andy Graulund, a 19 year old from Copenhagen in Denmark recently went on a wild hunt through Google Maps looking for obscure and scarcely seen aerial photos of the world. The hunt resulted in Earth Art, a collection of 19 (at this stage) spectacular photos taken from Google Maps.

My favourites in the list so far are:

  • Gobi Desert, Mongolia
  • Yukon River, Alaska
  • North Slope, Alaska

There are none of Australia or New Zealand featured in his list at this stage, however I thought the following places produced some great shots:

  • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia
    If you can block out the coastline of Australia from your mind, this shot reminded me of specs of opal within a blue stone
  • Uluru, Northern Territory Australia
    While not as visually spectacular, I enjoyed looking at Ayers Rock because of the anomaly that it represents. There is a vastness surrounding a focal point in the middle and unless you know what it is – I think you would be drawn to find out what you’re looking at.

What would you add to the list ?