Hugo Eating Cooking Mixture From Beater

Hugo loves to help Claire when she is cooking, he stands up on a chair and mixes ingredients together, passes different utensils around and generally has a blast.

One thing Hugo loves more than assisting with the cooking process itself, is eating the fruits of its labour – sometimes before the cooking is even complete. When Claire bakes Jude’s kiwi crisps, which have dark chocolate in them – we will without a doubt hear ‘little taste’ from Hugo as he gestures towards the diced chocolate.

On this particular afternoon, Hugo had finished eating his dinner and Claire had been cooking. I don’t remember what it was precisely, however we thought Hugo might like to try his hand at licking a beater – raging success!

Having trouble viewing the embedded video, watch Hugo Lattimore Enjoying Eating Cooking Mixture From Beater on YouTube.

One thought on “Hugo Eating Cooking Mixture From Beater

  1. Clearly – a raging success !
    Looked at the picture first and thought “what the hell is that?” and then the words said it all.

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