Hugo Ironing

Hugo Lattimore Ironing Face WasherHugo loves to help around the house, it doesn’t matter if it is taking a coffee cup up to the bench or helping vacuum – he loves to be involved.

His fascination with ironing first appeared when he went into one of the kitchen draws and picked out an electric beater, grabbed the tea towel, laid it out neatly on the coffee table and begin ‘ironing’ it with the beater.

We thought that was just about as cute as could be, so he now has the real deal!

4 thoughts on “Hugo Ironing

  1. @Belinda Lattimore:
    I’m sure Hugo is interested but not until he has finished our ironing first. We’ve got a pretty big basket for him to work through, maybe we could drop him off next weekend so he can work through your basket then?

    I’ll have you know that I iron clothes & I do a pretty good job of it if I do say so myself!

  2. Even looks like he is enjoying the work load – now that’s a big plus. I’ve never seen an iron man or women for that matter who could smile while ironing. To be encouraged Al !

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