Hugo, Boris, Sickness & Silver Linings

Hugo has been off colour from the end of last week and over the weekend it turned into some sort of bug which has caused him to vomit a few times.

At dinner tonight, insisting on having his all time favourite cuddle toy Boris with him, Hugo threw up again and it went all over his toy. Vomiting or being sick doesn’t seem to bother Hugo, he was quite unfazed by the whole thing. Though he was telling me he was ‘wet’ and I didn’t join the dots with vomit, but rather water from his water bottle.

The upside, after a lot of tears because we had to take Boris away, Boris had a bath for the first time in about 2 years & his head didn’t fall off – yaa Boris!

Hopefully Hugo will be back to his normal awesome self tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Hugo, Boris, Sickness & Silver Linings

  1. Hugo didn’t vomit on Monday but I still don’t think he is 100% though he is definitely recovering which is good.

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