Hugo Eating With A Spoon

Hugo has long enjoyed playing with utensils, in fact without question he will open up our second draw multiple times per day and pick a utensil to play with. That has carried over to smaller things as well, such as forks and spoons – where he regularly wants to play with the fork or spoon after we’ve finished giving him his lunch or dinner.

Claire, Hugo and I went out for dinner on Saturday night to Hogs Breath at the Logan Hyperdome with George, Jude, Lucy and Michael. Instead of taking a normal dinner for Hugo, as a treat we let him eat a little plate of chicken nuggets with some curly french fries. Not long after Hugo started eating his dinner, he reached over to the table and picked up a fork – nothing untoward there. However, instead of playing with the fork like normal, he began picking up his chicken nuggets and eating them! Everyone at the table was really impressed with his effort and I’m quite sure Hugo was quite proud of himself.

This evening for dinner, Claire gave Hugo a spoon and he set about eating an entire bowl of his dinner on his own:

Having trouble viewing the embedded video, watch Hugo Lattimore Eating With A Spoon on YouTube.

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  1. Hehe! He did such a good job and I think he liked being filmed too! He also fed himself his yoghurt this morning with a spoon, however he made a MUCH bigger mess!

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