Hugo Helping With The Grocery Shopping

When Claire and I are out at the shops with Hugo, we like to let him walk around as much as possible. He really enjoys strolling around whatever shop we’re in, exploring the different¬†nooks and crannies and touching as many different things as he can manage to get his hands on.

Whilst out doing some grocery shopping just before Christmas at Woolworths in Upper Coomera, Hugo was walking around like normal. However this time, there happened to be an unused shopping basket to one side of the isle. Of course, since he loves to help out with whatever we are doing – he proceeded to pick up the shopping basket, fiddle with it so he knew how the handles worked and went shopping.

Having trouble viewing the embedded video, watch Hugo Lattimore Helping With The Shopping on YouTube.

One thought on “Hugo Helping With The Grocery Shopping

  1. That is so hilarious, Wayne and I are sitting here laughing! Hilarious. I can’t believe how much he has grown and his is not even 18 months yet! Very Adorable guys.
    Love you lots
    Rosie and Wayne XO

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