Hugo & The Vanishing Late Night Bottle

Hugo Lattimore at 10 months of age playing on fortAt the start of July, I mentioned that we were going to begin adjusting Hugo’s feeding schedule to remove the 11:00PM late night bottle. Our first attempt/test at dropping the late night bottle wasn’t completely successful. Hugo slept through 11:00PM when I’d normally wake him up for his evening bottle, however at approximately 1AM he woke up again.

After reconsidering the situation, we thought we might need to transition into no late night bottle, instead of going cold turkey. As such, every few days we’d reduce the evening bottle down by about 50ml from 250ml until we got to 100ml.

That resulted in Hugo not needing to be awake for as long, which meant he’d go back to sleep even faster. The other benefit was that he was sleeping longer in the mornings as well, as a by product of not having a full bladder through the night which resulted in a wet nappy in the morning.

After going through the changes with Hugo from when he was a new born with multiple night feeds, then down to two and subsequently moving them around so they were more forgiving on Claire and I – we’re both really happy that we’re now past that part of the baby development stage.

With a bit of luck, he’ll continue to be a great little sleeper going forward as well – only time will tell.